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MAIRON disposes by the oxy-fuel and plasma cutting machines for steels and aluminum plates.
Processing capacity of oxy-fuel and plasma cutting of sheets/plates is 12,000 tons / year.
We can cut by oxy-fuel and plasma variable steel grades and aluminum:
-  structural steels according to EN 10025;
-  steels for pressure purposes, according to EN 10028;
-  abrasion resistant steels;
-  case hardening steels according to EN 10084;
-  quenched and tempered steels, according to EN 10083;
-  stainless steels, according to EN 10088, EN 10028-7;
-  aluminum and aluminum alloys.

Dimensions of the plates used as raw material for oxy-fuel cutting:
-  Thickness: 6 – 300 mm;
-  Width: maximum 4,000 mm;
-  Length: maximum 24,000 mm

Dimensions of the plates used as raw material for plasma cutting:
 - Thickness: 0.5 – 40 mm;
-  Width: maximum 3,000 mm;
-  Length: maximum 12,000 mm
Shape of semi-finished and finished products obtained by cutting:
-  any two-dimensional shape, the third dimension is the thickness of the plate;
-  the machines can make holes with the diameter of minimum 8 mm, and according to the formula:
d = 1.2xt, mm, where:
d = hole’s diameter, mm;
t = plate’s thickness, mm.
Dimensional tolerances:
-  according to EN ISO 9013, for oxy-fuel cutting;
-  according to DIN 2310, for plasma cutting.
The inquiries and the orders must contain the drawing in the electronic form.
We can delivery trimming and plasma marking semi-finished and finished products.
Fields of ussage:
-  mechanical and engineering industry;
-  agricultural industry;
-  constructions;
-  public works.